Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Project: Crafty Little Hands

"Crafty Little Hands" is a Sunday project that I began this year with my 3 yr old, in order to help her develop her motor skills, listening skills and improving her attention span. I also want to create fond memories for her of us making crafts together.

I'm really inspired by my husbands family DIY (do it yourself) lifestyle and I want to pass that unto her.

This Sunday, Cielo made a butterfly garland out of string, straws and butterflies from Paper Source. As a working mom I rely on pre-made craft supplies from The Paper Source. I'm lucky to have one close by in Berkeley. I'm not sure what the pre-cut butterflies are for but I used them for this project. In Mexico, at farm weddings folks make the exact same garlands but with white straws and white flowers so this is where I got the inspiration to do this project.

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