Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Great Good Place for Conversation

I've been living in the Bay Area for two years now, before I moved here I lived in South Texas right on the border with the motherland (Viva Mexico!). This area is called the Rio Grande Valley and a lot of my family lives there. The Valley is a great place for conversation and people there talk in the style of Acuerdate, a story out of "El Llano en Llamas" by Juan Rulfo.

This style is the way my sister, cousins and friends talk, specially when we talk about our favorite YA novels. We talk about them like if we were sharing chisme about the vecinos. lol.

Since leaving the Valley, I didn't have that piece of me and I really missed it... until now, I think that I'm slowly regaining it... and it has to do with the fact that I've found "A Great Good Place for Books" in the Montclair District where they have a monthly YA book club.

Every month, the group chooses a book, reads it and discusses it at the monthly meeting. Even though I'm very new to the group and I've only been going since January, I'm really enjoying it. I really like the wisdom in the group and the passion that Kathleen, the owner, has for YA novels. They are a very inspiring bunch.

I also love that the bookstore is really close to my house- one day I'll ride my bike there (must add that to the bucket list. lol). The bookstore itself has a good selection and I specially enjoy taking my toddler to the children's area... even though its always a struggle getting her out of there. Last week I brought my husband with me and he came out with his copy of Cinderella Ate My Daughter and an Outliers type of book. There's something for everyone, go check it out.

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