Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bienvenidos to Vegan de Guadalupe Blog

Hola! This blog is for all things related to Vegan de Guadalupe Cookzine and Mexican Vegan Cuisine. You can purchase a copy of Vegan de Guadalupe Cookzine at http://hortencia.etsy.com

Vegan de Guadalupe Cookzine is a bilingual cookzine that features my modified versions of my favorite mexican dishes.

Native Mexican, born in the US and a borderchild of the Rio Grande Valley is what motivated me to make this zine a fully english and spanish cookbook. I’m not a professional cook but the Mexican sazon is in my blood, thanks to my beautiful grandmothers and my mother.
Through this blog I hope to answer questions… there are many questions about my recipes because i’m not a writer so if people want explanations I’m an open book and hope to help people as much as I can.