Sunday, February 27, 2011

Casa de la Alegria: Cielo's room

One of my favorite pass times is looking at design blogs to gather inspiration for my home styling. Yes, I used that word styling.

Our style is very much a mixture of antique, vintage, DIY and new. You can see that in every room of our house. I'm always thinking of ways on how to improve my home (I'm OCD like that ;).

When I move into a new old place I have to make it feel like home immediately. When I first moved to CA I lived in Sac, when my husband and baby followed they lived in Oak. I would come to our new home every weekend to be with my family and unpack. It took me 4 weekends for the house to be boxes free and look settled in.

One of my favorite rooms to tackle is bebina's room. Simply because I want her to have a fun magical place to play and learn. I work really long hours so I want to give her quality. Recently I had to redecorate her room and like every time I draw my inspiration from the Jeu de Paume 'Children's Rooms: Stockholm'.

You can see by the cover of the book that it's a very eclectic colorful non perfect set up. You can buy Jeu De Paume books at the Kinokuniya bookstore in Japantown in the City.

Here are some shots of Cielo's room.

This table and chairs set belonged to Cielo's great-grandparents.

Nathan's mom got Cielo this little wooden chair. When she bought it at a yard sale the chair was yellow. So she refinished it and made it look awesome.

These are all of Cielo's 'friends' on the bed. The larger quilt we bought at a Mennonite relief sale and the little one at the foot of the bed was made by Nathan's mom right before Cielo's birth.

We got this stove for Cielo for Christmas and her vintage pitcher and pans are from eBay.

This just shows you I'm not just about work ;)

What's your home style?

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