Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arroz con Leche

There are so many ways to prepare arroz con leche, here's mine...


3 cups of rice
5 cups of water
6 cups of soy milk
3 small cinnamon sticks or 1 large
3 tablespoons of coconut butter
1 cup of sugar
cinnamon powder


In a medium pot, mix water and soymilk and pour over rice. Cook on medium heat until the rice is tender. While rice is cooking you need to stir often so rice doesn't stick. Once rice is tender add coconut butter and stir. Then stir in the sugar.

This serves 8+ portions. Serve single portions with a dash of cinnamon and raisins.

I don't like mine to watery so I use one cup less of water/soymilk, but watery is the way most people like it. This is a very common dessert in Mexico and there is even an old children's song for it... the children's song says "arroz con leche" but it has nothing to do with making it, its about finding a young lady that knows how to cook, sew and clean so you can marry her. You know your typical Mexican view of women, although I like to think folks are evolving.

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Esther said...

Everytime I eat this with my tias, they sing the song to me... "Arroz con leche, me quiero casar con un Mexicano que sepa bailar!"